The International Journal of Organic Agriculture Research and Development (IJOARD) is an international journal for sustainable organic farming system which provides rapid publication of articles in organic agriculture. The Journal welcomes the submission of original research manuscripts, correspondence, review, technical report, short communication, news and views, perspective and commentary that meet the following themes:

Organic apiculture; Organic crop production; Agricultural economics, rural development and organic agriculture; Organic agriculture and animal production; Organic food security; Organic food quality, preservation, production, processing, conditioning and packaging; Education and Organic agriculture; Organic aquaculture; Crop protection and Organic agriculture; Organic markets; Organic agriculture and tourism; Organic agriculture, biodiversity and nature conservation; weed science and organic agriculture; Women in organic agriculture; Organic seed production; Bio fuel production in organic agriculture; Organic horticulture; Potentials of climate change and organic agriculture; Organic cosmetics, body care and ecological detergent production; Government and public support policies, and organic regulations; Convention process in organic agriculture; Manure and compost production, application and technology; Organic agriculture, human health and safety.

Authors will be informed of the final decision on their manuscript(s) within two months of submission. Following acceptance, the article will be published in the subsequent edition of IJOARD. Author whose article is reviewed and whose paper is found publishable following editorial recommendations would be requested to pay (N12,500/ £60/ $100 per article) for the postage, reprints and a hard copy of the journal.

Subscription can be made by private individuals (N20,000/ £70/ $120 per issue), institutions, government organizations, non-governmental organizations (N25,000/ £170/ $210 per issue). 

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