Analysis of Export Outputs of Organic with Conventional Beef in Comparison with Export Outputs of Conventional Beef from Developing Countries.

  • Oladipo Sansi Olusegun Centre for Sustainable Industrial and Integrated Development (CSIID), Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Sansi Jolade Federal College of Animal Health & Production Technology, Moor Plantation, Ibadan, Nigeria.
Keywords: beef, conventional, organic, trade, Subsaharan


In the past decade, there has been haphazard increase in the annual trade values of beef exports from Subsaharan African countries, major exporters to world trading partners. The three major Subsaharan African countries that export conventional beef and their average annual trade values in the period 2000-2009 were: South Africa $6,736,900, Namibia $3,672300 and Kenya $532,900. However, a major contributor to the haphazard increase in the conventional beef trade values for these Subsaharan countries was the imposition of stringent food safety measures from the EU and other foreign trading partners. A comparative analysis of growth rates of annual beef outputs from 2000 to 2009 was done for the 3 major conventional beefexporting Subsaharan African countries and 3 major developing countries which are exporters of both conventional and certied organic beef. These developing countries include, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. The annual average beef export trade values for these developing countries in the given period include, Uruguay $12,700,000, Argentina $9,998,200 and Brazil
$3,506,300. The average annual growth rates for the developing countries were obtained from utilizing descriptive statistics to analyse time series secondary data of beef export outputs from these developing countries obtained from FAOSTAT (2012). The result of the comparative analysis showed the lowest growth rate of 10.1% and the highest growth rate of 66.6%
for the average annual income growth rates for certied organic beef exported from developing countries in the given period. The results also showed the lowest growth rate of 7% and highest growth rate of 41.9% for the average annual income of Subsaharan African countries exporting conventional beef in the given period. The results imply that creation of certied organic beef industries and the export of certied organic beef by Subsaharan African countries will enhance growth of the annual income for beef exports.