Factors influencing consumption of charcoal as household energy in Benue State, Nigeria

  • F. D Babalola, University of Ilorin,
  • E.E Opii Yandev, Benue State,
Keywords: Biomass energy, charcoal,, househoold, cooking fuel, consumption


Charcoal has been an important domestic cooking energy for many years and has wide market acceptance in developing countries. A study was therefore conducted to assess the socio-economic factors affecting consumption of charcoal by household in Benue State, Nigeria. Structured questionnaire waadministered to selected households within the State. It was discovered that the use of charcoal is on the increase with about 76.7% of the sampled households use charcoal as cooking fuel almost every day of the week. The most competitive alternative cooking fuels to charcoal used by the sampled household were kerosene and firewood. Affordability as a result of cheaper cost [62.8%] and consistent availability constituted the main reasons for using charcoal when compared with the other domestic energy sources. The sustainable production and use of charcoal through proper management and planning of supply sources, together with rational trade and marketing infrastructures and efficient use can also have a significant positive impact by helping to conserve resources and improving people’s incomes.

Author Biographies

F. D Babalola, , University of Ilorin,

Department of Forest Resources Management, 

E.E Opii, Yandev, Benue State,

Akperan Orshi College of Agriculture,