Effect of Mixed-manure Compost and Farm yard manures on growth and yield of Maize

  • W. B Bello, Oyo State College of Agriculture, P.M.B 10,Igbo-oraOyo State
  • C.O Adejuyigbe, University of Agriculture,Abeokuta,
Keywords: Maize base Compost, Poultry manure, Piggery manure,, cow-dung manure, Farm yard manures


A field experiment was conducted at Oyo State College of Agriculture Research farm in Igboora, to characterize Farm yard manures with its maize base composted materials mixture of equal quantities [cow-dung, poultry, and pig manures with maize stover in 3 of plant maize stover to 1 mixed manures] on the performance and productivity of Maize spanning from 2010-2011 grrowing seasons. The treatments [control, compost, poultry, pig and cow-dung manures all applied at 5 t/ha] were evaluated in a randomized complete block design [RCBD] and replicated three times. Data were analysed using ANOVA and the means were separated using Duncan multiple range test. There were significant [P<0.05] in the manures considered except leaf numbers at 4-6weeks after planting [WAP]. However, the compost treatment gave higher values than the manure used separately in all evaluted parameters. Generally, vegetative growth increased rapidlly in all the treatments from 4 to 10WAP. The observed trend of the result is compost>poultry>pig>cow-dung manures at 5 t/ha> control in the order shown for both vegetative and yield characters considered. The highest grain yield [11.4 t/ha], number of seeds/cob [845seeds], dehusk cob weight [0.56kg], root biomass [0.76kg]per treatment, maize filled lenght/cob [16.37cm]and cob diameter[17cm] were recorded with the addition of compost, control was lowest in all characters considered. The study showed that compost amendment has a postive influence on nutrient on nutrient release and management strategy for a sustainable maize production in the region.



Author Biographies

W. B Bello, , Oyo State College of Agriculture, P.M.B 10,Igbo-oraOyo State

Department of Agricultural Technology, 

C.O Adejuyigbe,, University of Agriculture,Abeokuta,

Department of Soil Science and Land Resources Management,